Professional Piracy Protection Service Gives Digital Content Owners Peace of Mind

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is intended to provide legal protection against piracy of digital content. Many Internet users don't realize this legislation exists, although they may understand that copying other people's material for their own digital use is illegal. And, some don't even realize that this form of content piracy is against the law. They figure if it's on the Internet, it's free for the taking. Anyone publishing text, photos, videos, or other material benefits from the services of the DMCA takedown czar.
Relying on Expertise
Website owners naturally don't want to spend a lot of time worrying about piracy and trying to track down the offenders who have stolen their content. With this type of software and service, the customers can essentially forget about the potential problems. They rely on the expertise and effectiveness of this kind of piracy protection for info product vendors.
 Decreases in Piracy
There has been a decrease in piracy among U.S.-based websites over recent years, but the activity still is prevalent. Several factors are mentioned as probable reasons for the decline. One is better awareness among Internet users that copying content and reposting it is illegal. Another is the rise of anti-piracy services.
Teenagers and young adults begin learning about copyright infringement and plagiarism during high school or post-secondary school. They start to realize why lifting a digital photo and reposting it without permission is unacceptable behavior, since doing so actually constitutes theft. They may begin to feel some empathy for others who have had personal photos stolen and published on other sites. They realize how upset they would feel if they were to write an original blog post or article only to have it reposted on other sites without permission or even a byline credit.
Concluding Thoughts
When someone discovers his or her content has been stolen, it feels like a personal violation. There is a distinct advantage to hiring a professional service that not only searches for these instances but has the ability to get the content deleted. Trying to have the content deleted without that assistance is time-consuming and may be futile.